High street agencies have “more” options to adopt “new” modern estate agent models

High street agencies have “more” options to adopt “new” modern estate agent models

eXp UK has announced that three estate agency businesses have agreed partnerships under the “new company version” of the model, which was developed by previous Keller Williams agents to operate more independently.

The platform for personal estate agents, and now existing estate agency businesses, has today confirmed that Sullivans, Taylor Millburn and Every Step of the Way have signed up under the firm’s recently launched ‘brokerage’ model, which Keller Williams have had for years.

High street agencies have “more” options to adopt “new” modern estate agent models

  • When implemented properly customer service can be prioritised as much of the administration can be automated
  • These models can help expand marketing exposure at a lower cost, allowing for budgeting in other areas that benefit the customer
  • Existing offices would need a complete overhaul of their sales and lettings staff dynamics to work effectively
  • Having one company overseeing marketing and training operations is not a new idea and is known to work well
  • There will still be differences in the level of service received, so you will still need to choose the best agent for your needs

The company is trying to build on its success as a self-employed estate agency platform with the brokerage offering.

The ethos behind the firm’s ‘brokerage’ model is for traditional high street estate agencies with an employed workforce to become an eXp UK partner business and transform their valuers & listers into self-employed agents in association with the brand, whilst also keeping their existing brand.

The head of eXp UK, Adam Day, commented: “Our brokerage model is the next step in the self-employed estate agency story and we’re delighted to see it gaining traction so soon after launch, with a further three businesses opting to provide their agents with greater flexibility and opportunity.

“We can’t wait to see the differences it makes to them as the year progresses and we’re delighted to welcome them into the eXp UK family.”

“As a business owner with an established business already operating under a self-employed model, joining eXp was a no-brainer for me,” said the director of Every Step of The Way, Celeste Hamilton-Parker.

“Being part of a national and global organisation that boasts one of the best self-employed realtor business models in the world enables me to grow my business with the necessary support to expand my team and achieve my goals,” Hamilton-Parker added.

The director of Sullivans, Samantha Sullivan, commented: “Providing a personal service with flexibility is so important in today’s way of selling properties so being surrounded by a big team with the same agenda will allow us to benefit from a large support network.

“As a small agency, we can also streamline our costs, which allows us more flexibility in our marketing spend.”

Taylor Milburn, director of Jamie Fisher, added: “Partnering with eXp UK gives our trusted brand the launchpad it needs to be more diverse in an ever-changing industry.

“It also provides us with a platform to attract other top self-employed agents by giving them the resources they need for lead generation and marketing to help them grow.”