Help for Households – What is available to you right now!

With many people throughout the UK still struggling through the global cost of living crisis. The government is still offering further support and advice to help you get through this.

  • Cost of living payments: aimed to help those on low income, benefits or tax credits.
  • Energy saving advice: these small changes can add up throughout the year.
  • Energy bill support: up to £1300 for eligible households over the winter months.
  • Warm home discount: up to £150 off your winter 22/23 electricity bill (subject to eligibility and location).
  • Household costs: cost of living payments and helps with water, phone and broadband bills.
  • Childcare help: up to 30 hours free, saving up to £2000 a year (subject to benefits and local council schemes).
  • Income support: such as Universal Credit and Pension Credit.
  • Travel: saving 30% with a railcard and 50% off with Universal Credit on train journeys and free bus travel for disabled and those on pension.

You can check what cost of living payments are available here. If you’re not sure what financial support you are eligible for you can answer a few questions to check here.

Information on the warm home discount scheme can be found here. If you also require assistance with household costs you can check what assistance is available to you here.

Making small changes to the way you interact with your home can also help. Other examples include;

  • lowering combi-boiler temperature to 60°C/65°C (saving up to £100 a year)
  • turining down radiators in rooms that are used less (saving up to £70 a year)
  • Turing appliances off at the wall (saving up to £70 a year)
  • Washing at 30°C or 40°C (saving up to £40 a year)
  • Using a tumble dryer less (saving up to £70 a year)
  • Heat retention (closing curtains and blinds at night)
  • Track energy usage with a smart meter app (helps you monitor how much gas/electricity your home is using and assess efficiency)


Should you be working and require assistance with childcare costs you can find out more about childcare choices available that can pay you up to £500 per month for each child (maximum £2000 per year). You could also receive up to 30 hours of free childcare for children between 3 & 4 years old and 15 hours for children aged 2 (subject to eligibility). Child benefit is also an option for parents with children under 16 or under 20 if still in education or training. You may even be able to claim back up to 85% of your childcare costs and if on eligible benefits can claim free school meals, moreover if you are eligible for free school meals you can also gain access to free children’s activities and food during the holidays, you may also need to check with your local council.

There is a national breakfast club available to all schools which is currently funded 75% by the government and the remaining 25% by other charities. You can claim healthy start vouches if you are 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under 4 years. A one off payment of £50o can also be claimed to help toward the cost of having as child with the sure start maternity grant.


Income support is available and if you are working on minimum wage you can check your income is correct. Should you be on low income you can claim universal credit. If you are married you can claim marriage allowance, allowing you to transfer 10% of your personal tax allowance to to your partner (£1,260) which is usually £12,570. If you look after someone for at least 35 hours per week and they claim certain benefits you could claim carers allowance. Following on pension credit can help those with low income, even if you have savings or your own home. If you’re on low income you can also open a help to save account where the government will pay up to 50% more on a limited amount of savings paid over 4 years. Continuing on with saving theme, you can also open a child trust fund, which could be beneficial and there are various options available. Finally if you are struggling with your tax bill you can contact HMRC for support.


£2 bus travel, you can check which buses are on the scheme by location here. If train is more your thing you can apply for a rail card here for 30% off. Should you be claiming universal credit you can apply for 50% discount on travel here. If you’re a senior or know someone who is, you/they can apply for a bus pass. The same goes for those with disabilities.

Now that you’ve sorted your travel, if you’re looking for something to do on a budget look no further than Visit England.