Autumn Home Decoration Ideas

Autumnal decorations for your home

As the weather starts to chill, the leaves turn orange and brown we start to feel the autumn weather, you might be thinking of getting your home into the theme for the season. We’ve got good news, it doesn’t need to be messy, limited to orange and black and can some of the ideas can save you money on your energy bill.

  • Set out unlit candles or use LED lights to save energy and reduce risk of fire
  • Use oranges in place of pumpkins or ornamental pumpkins that can be reused each year
  • Create an autumn reef for your door
  • Seasonal treats and cookies can help liven up the kitchen
  • Go with a white and brown theme instead of orange and black; using white pumpkins, pampas grass, butterfly props, distressed fabric, string and fairy lights for an airy yet spooky theme

You can swap out candles for LED lights, they’re very energy efficient and won’t be a huge fire hazard or you could always leave the candles unlit.

Pumpkins can be replaced by large oranges, you’re more likely to eat these later and it’s less wasteful. Other options include using artificial pumpkins that can be re-used each year.

Creating a reef for your door from leaves, twigs, conifers and branches from your garden. The autumn colours of orange and brown will really bring out the seasons themes.

Bring your autumnal d├ęcor into the kitchen, this can really liven up the place, you can even create spooky treats, display them in glass pots or store them in seasonally themed containers.

Making your own decorations can also be beneficial, you get a custom items that makes your autumn home feel more personal. Some easy ideas are using black or orange card to cut out bat and pumpkin shapes, you can also use white card/paper and colour them in or keep them white. If you prefer you can also create butterflies for a look that can continue throughout the year.

If you’re feeling really bold you can always get out the orange and black paint for your walls, just note that darker colours can be difficult to bring back to light, even though dark colours can make your home more beautiful as they create more contrast in the home, you may find that your home feels less airy as light isn’t reflected as much.

If you like a brighter brighter look for your home and still be able to keep the seasonal theme, white and light brown can really make your home pop. Utilising white pumpkins, pampas grass, butterfly props, distressed fabric in place of cobwebs, skulls, string ghosts and fairy lights can still create a subtle yet spooky these throughout your home without going overboard.