Are you a first time buyer or looking to re-mortgage? Here’s where to start for the best mortgage deals

With mortgages at 6% the past few months have been difficult for many and we believe the market may stabilise back between 4-5% again in the next 6 months.

However if you need a mortgage today, we can guide you on where to look for the best deals. Also see our article on the mortgage guarantee scheme, which although is not limited to, it’s great for first time buyers.

House prices are also coming down, so you could also benefit from buying now and re-mortgaging for a better rate later.


One of the best free places to initially assess what you can borrow is experian, you’ll be able to create a free account, they will also provide you with an up to date credit score and they have a section for mortgage deals. selecting a deal will redirect you to the lenders website, however you do not have to commit to anything whilst you browse the offers from their partners. If you would like to calculate the repayments you can do so on their website or use out tool which is included with our instant on-line valuation, this will also give you an idea of what price/range you should be paying for your home or selling your existing home for.

Your bank

Chances are your local bank has a mortgage advisor, it’s always worth having a quick chat with them about the market, however note that their deals will often be limited to what they are able to offer and any other lenders they may be partnered with, so you may not always get the best deal and you’ll often have to pay for the full service. It does have the benefit of getting faster approval as they already have all your information from income, savings, deposit and what you’ll likely be able to afford each month.

An independent mortgage advisor

Here’s where you’ll get the best service, often having access to multiple lenders and the entire mortgage market, an independent mortgage advisor will often be able to get you the best deal after taking time to go through your financial situation you’ll get the most personalised service possible.

  • Mortgage rates are set to peak this summer and look likely to return to 4-5% this autumn

  • However, there is a risk that rates may stay higher for longer

  • Higher mortgage rates have hit buying power in the south of England hardest

It’s also worth looking at longer term mortgages 25-35 years, which will allow smaller/more affordable monthly payments, however you will end up paying more interest over a 15-25 year mortgage.