2022 was the hottest recorded year for the UK

It might seem odd for us to be writing about last years exceptionally hot weather, especially in the middle of winter with frost fairly ubiquitous and we even had snow in the South of the UK last December.

Since annual records began 140 years ago, 2022 has been the warmest year for the UK. The summer heatwave broke many records throughout the UK, also disrupting travel as the infrastructure had not been designed for extreme heat, with the overall year being warmer than usual.

The record may not hold for long, globally the climate is warmer with the Central England temperature series, that dates back to the year 1658 which is the worlds oldest instrumentally recorded temperature, detailing an upward trend. The UK’s 10 warmest years have all been since 2003 and the trend continues throughout the globe and 2023 is set to be globally warmer as predicted by the Met Office.

The highest recorded temperate in the UK was 40.3°C, which was recorded in Coningsby, Lincolnshire on July 19th 2022. Every month besides December 2022 set a record for the warmest months throughout the UK, January 1st 2022 set the record for the warmest News Years reaching 16.3°C.

As we see temperatures continue to rise throughout the UK, our infrastructure will need to adapt to help deal with excessive heat in the summer, whilst still being able to cope with cold winters. Fortunately most of the changes you can make to your home can be beneficial for both, also adding value to your property and helping you save money in the long term.